About Us

REC Consultants provides land design and technical consulting services to public and private entities
throughout Southern California. Since our founding in 1993, REC has set itself apart due to our multi-
disciplinary technical experts in Civil Engineering, Water Quality, and Land Surveying, providing novel
solutions to challenging land development issues and the ever-changing permitting processes.


Our Catalyst

We are motivated by our commitment to respond efficiently and creatively to each project we take on, employing state-of-the-art resources and highly trained staff. REC is committed to meeting the demands of our current environment while providing long-lasting solutions for a wide range of land development plans, reports, expert witness testimony, and surveying tasks for projects of any size and level of complexity.

Our Company Principals

The Principals and Directors of REC Consultants ensure clients receive expertise, insight, and practical solutions to each project. Due to our small team dynamic, the REC principals are accessible to clients throughout each project’s lifespan.

Raab Rydeen, PE | Director of Engineering

Mr. Raab Rydeen is the Principal Engineer at REC. He has over 30 years of experience coordinating civil engineering projects from the pre-design process through construction management and final project acceptance. Mr. Rydeen’s expertise includes an array of residential, commercial developments, and municipal engineering projects. Mr. Rydeen specializes in parking lot design, BMP integration into site design, low-impact development, project cost estimation, street improvements, and storm drainage design. Raab boasts an extensive list of clients and project experience in all aspects of land development.

Luis Parra, PhD, PE, CFM, D.WRE. | Director of Water Resources

Dr. Luis A. Parra is the Principal Water Resources Engineer at REC. Dr. Parra has over 30 years of experience in hydrology and hydraulic modeling, encompassing various advanced water resources design topics. He has dedicated his career to employing advanced analysis oriented to problem-solving through innovative solutions. Dr. Parra prepares Water Quality Documents, Drainage Reports, and HM Analyses. Dr. Parra has been part of Technical Advisory Committees for manuals in the region that incorporate some of the equations he has developed and has been an expert witness in flood-related issues. He is a Certified Floodplain Manager Diplomate in Water Resources and has taught and prepared presentations and courses in hydrology, hydraulics, and climate change.